Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Arab-European League: United we stand!

United we stand!
By Dyab Abou Jahjah (AEL)

The Latest events taking place in the Arab Nation and the broader Middle East over the last couple of weeks are escalating. It is beyond any doubt that the neo-colonial US-western assault against our people is culminating towards an all out confrontation.

The plans are set to subdue any resistance against western neo-colonialism and to do that by force if necessary. The Iraqi resistance, The Lebanese resistance, the Palestinian resistance and the regimes in Syria and Iran are the last standing enemies of US hegemony in the area. They also form a common front and they are therefore subject to a common attack.

Breaking down the Iraqi resistance is to be achieved through unleashing a total civil war between Sunni and Shi’a Arabs in Iraq. That will lead to Kurdish control of the state under the support of the US and its allies and on top of them the Zionist colonial, racist, apartheid entity. An Iraqi civil war will lead also to paralyzing the weapons of the resistance through turning them inwards against their own people.

The criminals who have blown up the Imam Al Hadi dome in Samara, one of the holiest shrines of Shi’a Muslims, are very aware of this goal and are serving directly the interest of the occupation forces.

We condemn this act and call upon all Arabs in Iraq to bypass their religious differences and unite on basis on their common national identity against the enemies of our people, whether these enemies are the US led western aggressors or the Fanatics of Al Qaida who are serving them indirectly. Today we must not stand as Shiá and sunni, not as Lebanese  or Syrians, not as Christians or Muslims, not as secular or religious, today we must stand as Arabs fighting for the freedom of their land and against Zionist and American control of our people, our land and its resources.

In Lebanon the forces of collaboration with the neo-colonial assault led by the corrupt Walid Djunblat, the mass-murderer Samir Gaegae and the mega-millionaire and oligarch Saad Al Hariri are planning to topple President Emile Lahoud by the 14th of Marsh. Regardless of any other consideration, president Lahoud represents a dam against the rising US tsunami aiming at disarming the Lebanese resistance of Hizbullah. Disarming the resistance will weaken the resistance bloc in the region as a whole and serve the American and Israeli goals. This can not pass and must be countered and defeated.

In Palestine, the democratic choice of the Palestinian people is not respected and plans are actively drawn by the American administration to starve the Palestinians in order to subdue them. The Arab regimes are of course unwilling to upset their American masters and provide alternative financing to the Palestinians. Only Syria and Iran are willing to help. Syria and Iran who are equally the targets of plans to topple their rebellious regimes and replace them with US puppet governments as in Iraq and elsewhere.

This is the time to make a stand, to support resistance actively and passively, to be aware of the real stakes and to go beyond religious divisions and other divisions. In moments like these one must realize that nationalism can be the remedy against sectarianism. If our people can mobilize itself again on national basis instead of religious, it will form an enormous bloc from Iraq till Palestine, a homogenous bloc that will defeat any aggression. The Islamist forces in Lebanon and Palestine realized that for years now, and both Hamas ( Sunni Islamists) and Hizbullah ( Shi’a Islamists) have been close allies of each other and using a common national discourse. They are also allies of the Syrian secular and Arab Nationalist regime. Let us hope our people in Iraq will find some inspiration in this. One thing is sure, Moqtada Al Sader the Shi’a nationalist leader and cleric is realizing that and will try his utter best to preserve national unity. But can he succeed against the hysteria of religious mobs, the manipulation of occupation forces? And the crimes of fanatic salafi takfiri criminals like Al Zarqawi and his gangs? Nothing is less sure.

Today is the time to rally behind the banner of nationhood and anti-imperialism. Never have things been so clear; never have the attack been so direct since the battle of Suez in 1956.

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